Who we are

We are seminar and webinar conducting company that teaches people on how to do profitable business online. We have many business at our finger tips.
Get the blue print on how internet billionaires make money online.
Autopilot business made for you
We will teach you autopilot business in which does not require your effort after set up and it run automatically by itself.
After your training,
You will be expose to a short and long term investment business.
We conduct class trainings on  Ecommerce, digital marketing, real Estate, crypto and forex trading business.
Send your name as an SMS to this number base on your nearest locations:


We provide a conducive environment for you to learn faster. We have meeting apps, social media interactions and engagement, materials, tutorial video and as well as video conferencing.


Our mission and vision is to spread our tentacle across the world and become one of the most innovative company


Ytech plus consult teaches internet business and expose client to various researched investment platforms for business purpose only.