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We Are The World Leading Seminar And Webinar Conducting Company

 Acquire Skills On Real, Practical, And Lucrative Methods of Making Money on the Internet. We have lots of Business online to expose you to; ranging from monthly profit business, long term investment business to daily autopilot profit and Ecommerce business.

With our Experts, we will lead you to success.

Get the best way to make money online and legit ways to make money online free and paid.

 Learn How Internet Billionaires make billions online And Start Using Their Methods. Gain Access to Unlimited Guiding Resources: How–To Videos, Newsletters, Private Blog, Online Courses And One-On-One Mentoring by Internet Money Making Experts. 

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The world of technology can be fast-paced and scary. That’s why our goal is to provide an experience that is tailored to your needs. No matter how poor you are in computer literacy, we will fine tune you and back you up to success. We pride our-self on providing professional customer service. 

Our services

Here are services we offer our valued clients


Attend a physical Live Training or seminar by Expert Internet Money Makers. There's a Seminar happening close to where you are. Attend a Seminar is to get started in making money on the Internet.


Get a Brand New Android WIFI phone Loaded With Over 24 Hours of Step-by-Step Video Training, software, applications and seminar materials. We will teach you up to 3 or more profitable business in which most are auto-piloted.


Can't attend a Seminar? Online webinar is also a better option. We will send all the tools and materials you need to get started. We also have video tools to train you online. You will also have access to other subsequent physical seminars.

Seminar and Webinar
Presentation and consistency 90%
Seminar Review
Materials and products 79%
Business Ratings
Client success rate 94%

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Ytech plus consult seminar has always been a wonderful one, they allow members to keep re attending seminars for better understanding and also they are consistent.
Dr Raymond
As far as I am concern, this is the first seminar that gave me every solution I needed and have been attending their seminar quiet a long term. Thank you Ytech plus consult.
Ben George