REVIEW – Afobuy Nigeria Online Shopping Mall wrote an heart breaking success story

Commerce is as old as Man and Commerce simply means buying and selling of goods and services. In the early olden days, people do trade by barter and some years ago, people buy goods physically from each other. Commerce means selling of goods to another person by meeting that person physically and the person selling the goods must have a physical stores or shop.

To be honest, commerce is ancient but very boring and time consuming, imagine after working all day for money, do you still need to stress yourself spending it. Commerce is TIME CONSUMING because you need to meet with your seller in his or her shop or Office, you may meet others there and this means you have to queue up for a long time, but remember; TIME IS MONEY.

Afobuy Nigeria Online Shopping Mall wrote an heart breaking success story

E-commerce is the total solution to commerce problems and it simply means Electronic commerce. Ecommerce can be define as buying and selling of goods and services online with no need to meet or physically see the person selling it.

You don’t need to queue up, waste time before you can buy whatever you want, all you need is to visit or logon to an eCommerce website i.e. from your computer Laptop or smartphone and buy whatever you need in a minute and it will be deliver to you in your house, isn’t that amazing?

Yes it is.

Afobuy Nigeria Online Shopping Mall wrote an heart breaking success story

Being faced with challenges on how to start a trending eCommerce business in Nigeria, we will sincerely agree its not easy because our plan is to satisfy almost everyone and make online shopping mall easy for everyone to use. We first created a user friendly platform that will make shopping experience fascinating for users, we added good and genuine products and invited few but highly trusted sellers in Nigeria who agree to always put customer’s interest first.

After this, we tackled the problem arising from logistics, shipping and successful delivery of customers’s order and today we have solved almost 85% of logistics problem. We engaged in 24 hours customer’s support through our email, chat and phone number.

Our customers can now received their goods ordered on afobuy within couple of hours or days on their door step.


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Afobuy Nigeria Online Shopping Mall wrote an heart breaking success story

Today, Afobuy has become one of the largest online shopping mall in Nigeria and engine of commerce in Africa with Fast delivery of product, Robust discount, coupons, free shipping, pay on delivery option, Paying with Bitcoin, Refund Policy, buyer’s protection and 24 hours customer support.

This made afo buy Nigeria standout in the eCommerce world and geared many customers to buy from us and also enable potential customers to gain trust in afobuy and buy more from our reliable vendors/Merchant.




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